Bottle Bronze

Happy October! October is my favorite month of the entire year! Making it even more special is that my very good friend, LEH, is getting married next Saturday. I’m so honored to be a part of their wedding (guess which bridesmaid I am on her bridesmaids post!). I also think our bridesmaids dresses are super cute:

They do, however, show a lot of leg and arm. Which wouldn’t normally be a problem, except I am paler than pale. I’ve always been pale – save for a semester in college I spent tanning. My nickname in jr. high was Albino. I’ve learned to live with this – somewhat. However, I recently tried on the dress (to make sure it fit) and noticed it made my legs look grayish. Not pleasant. Time to hit the (self-tan) bottle.

I began using self-tanner in 7th grade, with mixed results. After one poor attempt, classmates started calling me Toasted Marshmallow. Clever. I’ve always used drug store brands (Loreal, Jergens, etc), but I’d heard good things about St. Tropez.

I purchased St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse from Sephora. It was $30 for this 4oz bottle. Definitely a splurge, but I’d heard good things and needed great results.



It’s definitely a mousse and is tinted so you can see where you’re putting it. The smell is so much better than most – more like aloe vera rather than chemicals. It dries incredibly fast. I can feel it on my skin, but it doesn’t feel sticky. In the product reviews, some people noted it rubbing off on their clothes, so I’m wearing shorts to be safe. So far I’ve just done my legs, in case it’s awful. I could always wear nylons at the wedding but can’t really do anything about stripy arms! I would recommend using mitts when applying, which I have never bothered with. I used bare hands and really had to scrub to get all the product off. I even used a body scrub to make sure I got it all!

And after:

[Ok, so here was where I was going to wow you with my golden legs]

The color was very subtle and when I took a shower Sunday morning, it almost all washed off! I had read that some of it would in reviews, but I thought I’d still have some color! [Note: I double checked this was a tanner and not a temporary bronzer]. Balls! I started this post on Saturday and have been so mad about it, I couldn’t finish this post until now. Hoping to try again tonight and possibly use less lotion beforehand.

Tomorrow night we’re going to Game 4 of the Cardinals/Phillies NLDS series! That should sufficiently distract me from my paleness 😉


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