Let’s Go Cards!

Last Wednesday, I had the awesome privilege of scoring tickets to the NLDS game 4 Cards vs. Phillies. The BF ended up having to work, so I brought my old friend, Bobby. We ended up having seats the row behind another friend.

Section 371

And, late breaking news, they won! and proceeded to win on Friday night 1-0. Amazeballs. Rally Squirrel made an appearance in our section and made his way around the 300 section. It was like watching the wave in one single row. Not sure why everyone was freaked out about a squirrel running past…

Last night was another amazing win in Game 2 of the NLCS against the Brewers. This may make me a bad Cardinals fan, but I never, ever saw us getting this far. I could not be happier we are, but still. I think the Cardinals really, really thrive on being the underdogs and proving people wrong. Pretty excited for tomorrow night’s game back in the Lou.  Hoping we can knock this out in 5 Friday night, and we won’t need any more “Happy Flights.”

It’s far away, but the jumbotron says “Happy Flight”


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