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Entryway decor

I did a little decorating in the entryway since April:

Left to Right:

3 photos of St. Louis eateries – Eat Right, Courtesy Diner and one unidentified gotten at the Midwest Salute to the Masters in 1994

Skeleton keys I framed. Not sure how the keys came under my possession.

Photo of the MacArthur Bridge in St. Louis in the 1930s. Taken from St. Louis Magazine and framed.



I ❤ Pinterest! It’s been over-blogged I’m sure, but it is fabulous!

Some favorite images:

Happy Pintresting!

Entryway Makeover

So this is our cute little entryway that needs some decorating help. Much like the living room, we have nothing on the walls yet. Currently, we have my old tv stand masquerading as a…well something. When we moved, we put the tv on the mantel and no longer needed this unit. Even though I got it for free, I didn’t want to part with it. Plus, we had the room. I bought some Itso bins from Target, thinking they would be great to store scarves, umbrellas, wet shoes, etc. However, it’s not really working in practice. I’m really quite stumped on what to do with this “room.”

Living Room Makeover

So tomorrow is April 1, meaning we have been in our apartment for 4 months. Considering I’ve only be here for 3 of those 4 months, the decor in here is seriously lacking. So now that busy season is over, I’ll finally have some time to get things in order around here.

First up, the living room:

We have this great faux fire place (hence the candles) with built-in shelves along one whole wall. JW bought a new TV that’s a little more proportional in the space, but the built-ins are seriously lacking. I’ve just thrown in some knick–knacks, but am trying to come up with a unifying theme for what to display there.

Bonus – the built-ins also light up!

One thing that is definitely staying on the shelves are my Chinese figures. Growing up, my grandma had these porcelain figures in her curio cabinet. As a kid, I longed to play with them, but knew better than to ask Grandma. They were glittery! And gold! And breakable! My mom later told me in the late 50s, Grandma really wanted these figures, so she and Grandpa saved and saved (they didn’t have much money and probably had 2 kids by then, at least) and finally were able to buy them. Grandma was so delighted by them! She was never a very happy woman, so to think that we both love them, made me happy. This summer, as we were cleaning out their house (they both passed away this summer – we weren’t just randsacking the elderly), I let it be known that I didn’t care about getting anything of theirs, except for these figures. So they may be cheesy, but they’re staying!

But I digress, organizing decorative shelves is hard! Young House Love has really awesome built-ins in their new house. They have a lot of cute things to put in their shelves, so my first order of decorating is to cultivate a collection for the built-ins. Since I have to keep the white background, I need items with color. I think red, but it’ll depend on what I can find.

This is the other side of the living room, which also needs help and a cleaning. We literally have nothing on the walls <hides face in shame>. The sunroom in the background is pretty easy, since it’s all windows, but I think we need a rug, we’re going to switch out the sofa, and possibly get a different table.

Gah, so much to do! We possibly have house guests the first weekend of June, so I have 2 months to make this place look respectable. Stay tuned for the “after” pictures!