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Being Positive

I’ve never been what you would call an optimist. But, I’m working on it. This quote (found on pintrest) was particularly inspiring today. In this spirit, these were the things that were good today:

  • My dad making it through his surgery well and feeling better
  • Free gelato at work this afternoon
  • Lunch with my manager at J Bucks
  • My new peacock feather print top (it’s cuter than it sounds)
Hope everyone else can find something good in their day! Goodnight!

Happy Birthday, Little G!


Today is my nephew Garen’s 2nd birthday! Hard to believe that it’s already been two years since he was born. He was born on a Holy Thursday, while I was at a Cardinals day-game with JW. I didn’t get to see him until the next day since he was in the nursery for the night when I got back to the hospital.

Now the little nugget is walking, talking, and super smart. He calls me Aunt Jiddy, but I can relate, I had some consenant troubles in my day too.

My brother-in-law got a weekend off from DEA officer training in Virginia, where he’s been since late January so that will be a extra nice birthday present for the little guy. My sister didn’t want any big gifts, since they might be moving soon, so I got him a few books, a bubble maker, and this cute little shirt:

It’s the guys from KISS! Too funny. Little kids clothes are so cute, but I always get distracted by the little girl dresses when I’m shopping for G. Hoping my sister has a girl next! I guess I could say, I hope I have a girl, but that is a looooooong ways from now.

Going over to my parents’ house this afternoon for all small party. I’m bringing PB and Chocolate cupcakes again. I have a feeling this is going to be my “thing to bring” now.

Dame Liz

Even though I knew she’d been in the hospital recently, I was shocked to hear the news of Elizabeth Taylor’s death on Wednesday. I actually audibly gasped when my coworker told me.

I’m not a particularly huge Liz Taylor fan; growing up she was just the dramatic lady in the White Diamonds commercials (“these have always brought me luck”), who was butt of many jokes about her multiple husbands.

My grandmother, on the other hand, was a huge Liz Taylor fan. My grandma kind of resembled her, although not as gorgeous or glamorous. They both had black hair – similarly style (most likely not a coincidence), fair skin, and light eyes (Grandma had blue; Liz, of course, had violet). Grandma was also quite svelte before she had 6 kids. They were around the same age, and I feel like Grandma loved Liz because she was the glamorous, talented antidote to her boring, Midwestern life.

My grandma passed away on July 1, 2010 after suffering a stroke. My grandpa had passed earlier that year, and we really think she was too lost without him. While we were cleaning out their house, my aunt asked me if I wanted to take some of Grandma’s books (she was an avid reader). Among others, I jumped on the Liz Taylor biography, Liz, by C. David Heymann. I remember when she read it and thought it was quite a juicy read.

Thursday night, I decided to break it open. I’m not too far along in the book, but from everything I’ve been reading these past two days, she seems like she was a pretty kick-ass woman. Hell, she even arranged for herself to be fashionably late to her own funeral!

In honor of Liz and Grandma, I plan watching some of her classic films, perhaps a Liz Taylor Movie Marathon? The must views:

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  • Butterfield 8
  • Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolfe
  • Suddenly, Last Summer
  • A Place in the Sun

So rest in peace, Dame Liz; you will be missed.



Today was the first day of Spring and it was an absolutely gorgeous day! Last night I was in a ridiculously bad mood despite hitting up Shaved Duck (get the meatloaf! seriously!) and went to bed early. I got up around 9:30 this morning and felt fantastic. I really think life would be so much better if I could get a few more hours each night.

I woke up JW and convinced him to walk to Kayak Coffee with me. It was such a beautiful day, I had to do something outside. Later, I went to my parent’s finally and took a lovely walk with my mom. Unfortunately, I was wearing flip-flops and my feet aren’t in flip-flop shape yet. The space between my toes really hurts.

I entered my office’s NCAA pool for the first time ever and my bracket is shot to shit. Illinois just lost; however, I was smart enough not to let my alumnae loyalties get in the way of reality and picked Kansas. I know, I’m a terrible fan. They fought the good fight so I’m not too upset they lost. OSU dominated today, so I’m sure JW is happy.

It’s been a pretty good weekend. Lots of work and stress as busy season wraps up, but 80* weather and family today was really redeeming. Despite my enthusiasm Friday night, I did not start 30 Day Shred Saturday. Will try tomorrow morning.