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Baby Steps

Even though it’s Monday, two little baby steps today:

1) My coworker commented that I eat really healthy while I was enjoying a greek yogurt with Quaker Oatmeal Squares. While this isn’t entirely true – I don’t ever work with her, so she was basing this on lunch and a few snacks – it was positive motivation. I actually don’t really like greek yogurt, but I know it has a lot of protein and is less sugary than those delicious, desserty Yoplaits.

2) The client I’m working at is literally across the street from my gym. I really had no excuse not to go, so I did a half hour of elliptical after work (getting off at 5:30 helped). I hadn’t been in so long that I was afraid my keycard wouldn’t work. It did. I’ll be at this client for two weeks, so I should be getting in some good workouts.

Also, thanks to my good friend LEH for the blog shout-out. Glad I’m such an inspiration to you! bhahaha 😉