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So my Royal Wedding come-down was so bad, I’ve been balled up in a dark room for the past two weeks. I mean, I need more Kate Middleton For the Win!

Ok, so I wasn’t “recuperating” for the past two weeks. Work has been fairly stressful, we went to Cleveland, I went to Chicago, and I just served on a jury. Spring is busy!

JW and I went to Cleveland for his cousin’s wedding. A few comments:

Having grown up in close proximity to my first cousins, it is totally baffling to me to have not seen your cousin since his sister’s wedding seven years ago, and to have him not recognize you in the hotel lobby (sober). Cleveland is very cold. Even in May.  It’s nice by the lake though. I was somewhat underwhelmed by the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.

Sorry I’m not sorry, jogger who ran into my shot.

Last week I went to Chicago for a work event and stayed the weekend. The work event was supposed to be motivating and celebrating those in my position at work from all over the region (there’s a lot of us). I was less than thrilled about it, but it was much better than I was expecting. They certainly know the way to our hearts (free booze). Over the weekend, I stayed with my lovely friend, Alli, and spent some quality time with some other Chicagoans as well, specifically Ms. Liz, who I haven’t seen in ages and really miss sharing a wall with her.

It was cold and rainy all weekend, so the best thing we could do was to see Bridesmaids! This movie was f-ing hilarious! Love it, love it, love it!

So anyway, all this work stress and travelling has been wreaking havoc on my health and fitness goals. The only plus was doing  fair amount of walking while I was in Chicago. I need to remotivate myself. So, in the vein of public declaration being the best motivator, here are my goals for the next few months:

1) Lose 15 pounds (this will probably take longer than a few months)

2) Be strong enough to do a real, proper-form push-up.

3) Be able to run a full mile without stopping (yes, this is something I cannot do currently, I’m ashamed to say)

Aaaand, go!


Kickin’ it up a Notch

So I was really hoping to have an inspiring “I’ve lost 5 pounds this month!” post after my doctor’s appointment yesterday morning. However, I have not lost any weight, and in fact, may have put on a pound or two. FML.

So I guess cutting out booze alone and a few elliptical jaunts won’t do it alone. Go figure. That would have been awesome — and easy. Although, I guess anything worth having shouldn’t be easy to get.

Additionally, my bridesmaid’s dress for a friend’s wedding in October came yesterday.

We purchased these from Nordstrom online, sight unseen (well, in person), so we had to guess on the size we’d need. I went for the 8, which is what I’m wearing in pants nowadays. The MOH also got an 8 and it fit her, which really made me nervous since she’s smaller than me. I threw the dress on the minute the UPS guy left and could not get it zipped. I had a minor freak-out, took it off, and realized I still couldn’t get it zipped. It came with a broke-ass zipper. So I’m hoping with a working zipper and 6 mos of healthy living, it’ll fit.

So, renewed commitment: kickin’ it up a notch! Better eating and more exercising! Yesterday I re-started 30 Day Shred and it totally kicked my butt. I’m feeling it today! More on 30 Day Shred per comment request coming soon!

Baby Steps

Even though it’s Monday, two little baby steps today:

1) My coworker commented that I eat really healthy while I was enjoying a greek yogurt with Quaker Oatmeal Squares. While this isn’t entirely true – I don’t ever work with her, so she was basing this on lunch and a few snacks – it was positive motivation. I actually don’t really like greek yogurt, but I know it has a lot of protein and is less sugary than those delicious, desserty Yoplaits.

2) The client I’m working at is literally across the street from my gym. I really had no excuse not to go, so I did a half hour of elliptical after work (getting off at 5:30 helped). I hadn’t been in so long that I was afraid my keycard wouldn’t work. It did. I’ll be at this client for two weeks, so I should be getting in some good workouts.

Also, thanks to my good friend LEH for the blog shout-out. Glad I’m such an inspiration to you! bhahaha 😉