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Just Sew You Know…

I’ve totally been MIA lately. Work sucks and so do my eating and working out habits. Nothing much to report. Tonight, however, I finally did something I’ve been meaning to do since January: I taught myself how to use a sewing machine!

For my birthday (in January), the boyfriend bought me a sewing machine. He went with the Singer “Simple,” which was an excellent call. So finally tonight I plugged in the machine and busted out the instructional DVD.

It was surprisingly simple. There were a few missteps with the bobbin and getting thread tangled but I made some good stitches on my practice fabric (which had been used in my 2009 Halloween costume – I was Jem).

I was so thrilled by my success that I decided I would fix the hem that had completely fallen out of black work skirt. I had some trouble with getting the thread tangled and keeping the hem even. It’s a lot harder to sew something that’s already a loop of fabric instead of two small pieces of cloth sandwiched together. Who would have guessed? The skirt hem is kind of a hot mess, but since it’s black on black and at the knees, pretty unnoticeable.

Either way, I’m pretty excited that I actually figured this out instead of letting it sit in the office collecting dust forever. Consider me someone who officially knows how to work (the most basic) a sewing machine!