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I ❤ Pinterest! It’s been over-blogged I’m sure, but it is fabulous!

Some favorite images:

Happy Pintresting!


I’m still alive…

I’m back! Short story, I’ve been uninspired to blog lately, but a lot of things have been going on lately – working crazy hours, adopting a kitten, having our apartment robbed…you know, the usual. Don’t really want to get into it, but needless to say, things have been a little hectic!

On a lighter note, I finally tried a product I’d been thinking about for years:

Dry Shampoo! A little somewhat unnecessary backstory: I have greasy hair. Hot, right? Thanks to my Dad, I have super-straight, somewhat thin hair. Most days, it’s a blessing because I don’t have to straight iron and it doesn’t take long to blow-dry. However, whenever I want curls or to skip a day’s wash, it’s super annoying. This morning, I woke up super late and didn’t wash my hair (don’t worry, I still showered). It was in a pony-tail all day, but when I got home, it looked super gross.

Exhibit A:

So I thought I’d try the dry shampoo I’d purchased a few weeks ago.

In process (also handy if I ever need gray hair for a costume):

Also, that black spot is on the mirror, not my forehead.

And the after:

Overall, pretty decent. My roots are a little light, but I think that may also be due to needing my roots touched up! I think I’ll use this on late mornings, but still put my hair up.

Here’s to more sleeping in and a good week!

Royal Wedding, Royal Wedding, Royal Wedding!!

Yes, I know everyone is talking about it already, but I am so happy about the Royal Wedding this morning! As an Anglophile and Royal-Watcher for years, I can’t get enough. The dress, the pomp, the hats! Oh the hats!

Photo via Metro UK

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice had some interesting ones….Seriously, wtf? Only the British can pull these off.

Photo via CNN

Kate Catherine looked completely gorgeous, and she and William were completely adorable and looking so in love throughout. I loved her dress, but it was definitely not what I would think of after hearing it was McQueen. Very classic. I hope this sparks a trend of besleeved wedding dresses. Strapless gowns give me weird armpit rolls. Not that I’m in the market for a wedding dress. Just, you know, for the future…

Anyway, very excited to watch the DVR reply tomorrow night. There will be champagne…and possibly tiaras.

Impulse Purchases

This past week, I was in Joplin, MO and was pretty bored in the evenings. On Monday, I went to Target for allergy meds and ended up with way more than planned.

In addition to the allergy meds, I got cotton rounds, Tina Fey’s book Bossypants, Starburst jellybeans, glitter nail stickers, cream blush (only $1!) Ponds facial wipes, and a makeup brush (also $1).

I had picked up some of the items already and then got a call from my friend Diane. As I walked around chatting about our plans for LEH‘s bridal shower, I kept finding things that looked awesome. I could literally buy out Target if I had the money.

Possibly the best thing I purchased were the Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects gold glitter nail stickers. I’d been seeing ads for these in magazines and then they were featured on A Cup of Jo, so I decided to get some at Target. At least it would give me something to do. The stickers are precut into nail shapes that you peel off the backing and afix to your nails. They’re extra long, but you can file off the excess.

They were kind of picked over in the Joplin Target so I decided to get the gold glitter (I know, exactly the ones Joanna featured):

They were surprising easy to put on and I think turned out nicely. They’re supposed to last around 10 days and you’re supposed to remove them with nail polish remover.

It’s hard to tell that it’s not real nail polish. I was most struck by the fact they smelled like nail polish too! Three days later, I cannot recommend these enough. They run around $9 a box, but they would be perfect for when you want your nails to look great for multiple days. Impulse buy = success!

Happy Birthday, Little G!


Today is my nephew Garen’s 2nd birthday! Hard to believe that it’s already been two years since he was born. He was born on a Holy Thursday, while I was at a Cardinals day-game with JW. I didn’t get to see him until the next day since he was in the nursery for the night when I got back to the hospital.

Now the little nugget is walking, talking, and super smart. He calls me Aunt Jiddy, but I can relate, I had some consenant troubles in my day too.

My brother-in-law got a weekend off from DEA officer training in Virginia, where he’s been since late January so that will be a extra nice birthday present for the little guy. My sister didn’t want any big gifts, since they might be moving soon, so I got him a few books, a bubble maker, and this cute little shirt:

It’s the guys from KISS! Too funny. Little kids clothes are so cute, but I always get distracted by the little girl dresses when I’m shopping for G. Hoping my sister has a girl next! I guess I could say, I hope I have a girl, but that is a looooooong ways from now.

Going over to my parents’ house this afternoon for all small party. I’m bringing PB and Chocolate cupcakes again. I have a feeling this is going to be my “thing to bring” now.

Kickin’ it up a Notch

So I was really hoping to have an inspiring “I’ve lost 5 pounds this month!” post after my doctor’s appointment yesterday morning. However, I have not lost any weight, and in fact, may have put on a pound or two. FML.

So I guess cutting out booze alone and a few elliptical jaunts won’t do it alone. Go figure. That would have been awesome — and easy. Although, I guess anything worth having shouldn’t be easy to get.

Additionally, my bridesmaid’s dress for a friend’s wedding in October came yesterday.

We purchased these from Nordstrom online, sight unseen (well, in person), so we had to guess on the size we’d need. I went for the 8, which is what I’m wearing in pants nowadays. The MOH also got an 8 and it fit her, which really made me nervous since she’s smaller than me. I threw the dress on the minute the UPS guy left and could not get it zipped. I had a minor freak-out, took it off, and realized I still couldn’t get it zipped. It came with a broke-ass zipper. So I’m hoping with a working zipper and 6 mos of healthy living, it’ll fit.

So, renewed commitment: kickin’ it up a notch! Better eating and more exercising! Yesterday I re-started 30 Day Shred and it totally kicked my butt. I’m feeling it today! More on 30 Day Shred per comment request coming soon!

Entryway Makeover

So this is our cute little entryway that needs some decorating help. Much like the living room, we have nothing on the walls yet. Currently, we have my old tv stand masquerading as a…well something. When we moved, we put the tv on the mantel and no longer needed this unit. Even though I got it for free, I didn’t want to part with it. Plus, we had the room. I bought some Itso bins from Target, thinking they would be great to store scarves, umbrellas, wet shoes, etc. However, it’s not really working in practice. I’m really quite stumped on what to do with this “room.”