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Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspriation:

OPI’s Skull & Crossbones (apprx $8)

Cheaper Alternative:

N.Y.C’s Sidewalks (apprx $2)

I actually wasn’t trying to cheap out, but the OPI selection at Target is very limited (I mean, really Target? You have 3 shelves of Essie colors!). So this was a cheaper option anyway. It’s not quite as light though, so I think I may still be on the lookout for the inspiration color. I’m digging the gray nails though (they’re a little off color in the picture – thanks, iPhone!). Perfect for Fall!


Impulse Purchases

This past week, I was in Joplin, MO and was pretty bored in the evenings. On Monday, I went to Target for allergy meds and ended up with way more than planned.

In addition to the allergy meds, I got cotton rounds, Tina Fey’s book Bossypants, Starburst jellybeans, glitter nail stickers, cream blush (only $1!) Ponds facial wipes, and a makeup brush (also $1).

I had picked up some of the items already and then got a call from my friend Diane. As I walked around chatting about our plans for LEH‘s bridal shower, I kept finding things that looked awesome. I could literally buy out Target if I had the money.

Possibly the best thing I purchased were the Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects gold glitter nail stickers. I’d been seeing ads for these in magazines and then they were featured on A Cup of Jo, so I decided to get some at Target. At least it would give me something to do. The stickers are precut into nail shapes that you peel off the backing and afix to your nails. They’re extra long, but you can file off the excess.

They were kind of picked over in the Joplin Target so I decided to get the gold glitter (I know, exactly the ones Joanna featured):

They were surprising easy to put on and I think turned out nicely. They’re supposed to last around 10 days and you’re supposed to remove them with nail polish remover.

It’s hard to tell that it’s not real nail polish. I was most struck by the fact they smelled like nail polish too! Three days later, I cannot recommend these enough. They run around $9 a box, but they would be perfect for when you want your nails to look great for multiple days. Impulse buy = success!