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L + T Foreva

This past weekend, my good friend L married my other good friend’s brother (and a friend), T.


The weather was perfect, the bride was gorgeous, and the groom cried. We had a slight hiccup with some dress zippers breaking, but thanks to my handy emergency kit and the MOTB’s excellent sewing skills, we made it to the church on time.

Airry and I trolleyin’ it up with Gushers, Cheez-its, and Bud Light. This was taken with a disposable camera. Did you know they still made those?

The whole thing was a whole lotta fun, but more than that, it was such a beautiful celebration of two great people, two awesome families, and mixing’ it all together! Even if you didn’t know L&T well, it would have been pretty obvious that they were greatly loved and in love.  I hope to someday be on the receiving end of something so great. Here’s to the happy couple!


Bottle Bronze

Happy October! October is my favorite month of the entire year! Making it even more special is that my very good friend, LEH, is getting married next Saturday. I’m so honored to be a part of their wedding (guess which bridesmaid I am on her bridesmaids post!). I also think our bridesmaids dresses are super cute:

They do, however, show a lot of leg and arm. Which wouldn’t normally be a problem, except I am paler than pale. I’ve always been pale – save for a semester in college I spent tanning. My nickname in jr. high was Albino. I’ve learned to live with this – somewhat. However, I recently tried on the dress (to make sure it fit) and noticed it made my legs look grayish. Not pleasant. Time to hit the (self-tan) bottle.

I began using self-tanner in 7th grade, with mixed results. After one poor attempt, classmates started calling me Toasted Marshmallow. Clever. I’ve always used drug store brands (Loreal, Jergens, etc), but I’d heard good things about St. Tropez.

I purchased St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse from Sephora. It was $30 for this 4oz bottle. Definitely a splurge, but I’d heard good things and needed great results.



It’s definitely a mousse and is tinted so you can see where you’re putting it. The smell is so much better than most – more like aloe vera rather than chemicals. It dries incredibly fast. I can feel it on my skin, but it doesn’t feel sticky. In the product reviews, some people noted it rubbing off on their clothes, so I’m wearing shorts to be safe. So far I’ve just done my legs, in case it’s awful. I could always wear nylons at the wedding but can’t really do anything about stripy arms! I would recommend using mitts when applying, which I have never bothered with. I used bare hands and really had to scrub to get all the product off. I even used a body scrub to make sure I got it all!

And after:

[Ok, so here was where I was going to wow you with my golden legs]

The color was very subtle and when I took a shower Sunday morning, it almost all washed off! I had read that some of it would in reviews, but I thought I’d still have some color! [Note: I double checked this was a tanner and not a temporary bronzer]. Balls! I started this post on Saturday and have been so mad about it, I couldn’t finish this post until now. Hoping to try again tonight and possibly use less lotion beforehand.

Tomorrow night we’re going to Game 4 of the Cardinals/Phillies NLDS series! That should sufficiently distract me from my paleness 😉


So my Royal Wedding come-down was so bad, I’ve been balled up in a dark room for the past two weeks. I mean, I need more Kate Middleton For the Win!

Ok, so I wasn’t “recuperating” for the past two weeks. Work has been fairly stressful, we went to Cleveland, I went to Chicago, and I just served on a jury. Spring is busy!

JW and I went to Cleveland for his cousin’s wedding. A few comments:

Having grown up in close proximity to my first cousins, it is totally baffling to me to have not seen your cousin since his sister’s wedding seven years ago, and to have him not recognize you in the hotel lobby (sober). Cleveland is very cold. Even in May.  It’s nice by the lake though. I was somewhat underwhelmed by the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.

Sorry I’m not sorry, jogger who ran into my shot.

Last week I went to Chicago for a work event and stayed the weekend. The work event was supposed to be motivating and celebrating those in my position at work from all over the region (there’s a lot of us). I was less than thrilled about it, but it was much better than I was expecting. They certainly know the way to our hearts (free booze). Over the weekend, I stayed with my lovely friend, Alli, and spent some quality time with some other Chicagoans as well, specifically Ms. Liz, who I haven’t seen in ages and really miss sharing a wall with her.

It was cold and rainy all weekend, so the best thing we could do was to see Bridesmaids! This movie was f-ing hilarious! Love it, love it, love it!

So anyway, all this work stress and travelling has been wreaking havoc on my health and fitness goals. The only plus was doing  fair amount of walking while I was in Chicago. I need to remotivate myself. So, in the vein of public declaration being the best motivator, here are my goals for the next few months:

1) Lose 15 pounds (this will probably take longer than a few months)

2) Be strong enough to do a real, proper-form push-up.

3) Be able to run a full mile without stopping (yes, this is something I cannot do currently, I’m ashamed to say)

Aaaand, go!

Royal Wedding, Royal Wedding, Royal Wedding!!

Yes, I know everyone is talking about it already, but I am so happy about the Royal Wedding this morning! As an Anglophile and Royal-Watcher for years, I can’t get enough. The dress, the pomp, the hats! Oh the hats!

Photo via Metro UK

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice had some interesting ones….Seriously, wtf? Only the British can pull these off.

Photo via CNN

Kate Catherine looked completely gorgeous, and she and William were completely adorable and looking so in love throughout. I loved her dress, but it was definitely not what I would think of after hearing it was McQueen. Very classic. I hope this sparks a trend of besleeved wedding dresses. Strapless gowns give me weird armpit rolls. Not that I’m in the market for a wedding dress. Just, you know, for the future…

Anyway, very excited to watch the DVR reply tomorrow night. There will be champagne…and possibly tiaras.